About Redefining Divorce

Who are the people behind Redefining Divorce?


Janis is the driving inspiration behind Redefining Divorce having endured his own extremely expensive, acrimonious separation through the Family Law Court and Supreme Courts between 2008 and 2010. Janis has two young daughters, 11 & 13, from his previous relationship and is also the very proud father of his new daughter aged 6 months.


John is the elder statesman of knowledge behind Redefining Divorce having operated his own private investigation business for 37 years. John has specialised in assisting legal teams in various jurisdictions of the courts , including the Family Law Court. John brings an enormous wealth of experience to the team as well as an innate sense of justice and fair play in resolving disputes. Read more about John >>


Hamish is the son of John Bracey and brother in law of Janis Neimanis ensuring that Redefining Divorce can proudly title itself as a fully owned family business. Hamish has a great skill set and expertise in mediation and offers each of our clients the most sincere and professional means of resolving their separation.



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