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What does it cost to use Redefining Divorce?

Many lawyers charge retainer fees starting at $5,000 for average cases, and they bill the client for services in addition to the time covered by the retainer. So the cost of mediation from beginning to end can be significantly less than the combined retainer fees ($10,000+) would be if the parties individually hired lawyers to handle the divorce. Lawyers will then charge additional fees for time spent on the case after the funds from the retainer are exhausted.

Typical divorce costs can run five to twenty times higher than the mediation cost. As a guide, a Family Law matter in relation to custody, maintenance and property could cost in the range of $40,000.00 up to $150,000.00. Obviously the more financial stake involved the higher this figure could escalate. Also, keep in mind that divorce includes both financial and emotional costs for both of the parties as well as any children involved. The mediation process can greatly reduce the emotional cost.

In fact, a recent study showed that couples who chose to dissolve their marriage in court spent an average of 134% more than those who chose mediation.

Also, typical mediations last no more than a 4 to 6 weeks, possibly up to four months for more complex cases. Rarely will a traditional divorce be resolved without a year or two of time spent in paperwork, meetings and court appearances.

Assuming that both parties agree on all issues within a reasonable prescribed timeframe during the mediation process, the all inclusive fee for the services of Redefining Divorce is $4,700.00 (including GST). This cost should ideally be paid equally by each party in the spirit of cooperation towards a mutually satisfactory outcome. Alternatively the parties may also agree on a split payment of these fees whereby one party pays proportionately more than the other, or may in fact cover the entire fee.


 What do you get for your money?

  • A professional company representative whose sole focus is to ensure that our all inclusive fee is the only money either party will ever spend to resolve all their differences.
  • A sincere and compassionate approach to what is probably the most stressful time anyone will ever endure.
  • A one off fee that is just that. One off. Not a retainer.
  • A tangible timeframe that can be achieved approximately three to four weeks assuming both parties cooperate in the process. The Family Law Court does not have a tangible timeframe other than being approximately 10-20 times longer than ours.
  • A legally binding document which will cover the separation or divorce, custody of children including a maintenance schedule and property settlement.
  • No more stress consuming your every waking moment.


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