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How can you possibly redefine divorce?

You DO NOT need a lawyer to neither assist nor finalise your separation or divorce.

Redefining Divorce is committed to ensuring our Clients are made aware of the huge amounts of money they can save and the enormous personal anguish they can avoid by using our services as opposed to using solicitors in the Family Law Court jurisdiction who are not there to assist them but are solely intent upon extracting money from their bank account.

Our Clients are enlightened to appreciate the actual fact that their “best case scenario” is unlikely to ever occur as a result of litigation.

The Family Law and the Federal Circuit Courts are completely overloaded with cases to the point where each hearing date is spaced over intervals of several months at a time and it is not at all uncommon for even a simple case to drag out over a two year period.

Statistically, 93-96% of all family law cases settle prior to trial. It isn’t a question of whether a case will settle but when it will settle. The system is designed to exhaust people’s funds and mentally deplete their souls well before the case would conclude under ‘normal’ allocated time frames. This ensures that the lawyers and Judges will always ‘feed from the trough’ first!

Redefining Divorce will share with you what no one in the legal profession would ever want made public.

You DO NOT need a lawyer to neither assist nor finalise your separation or divorce. You only need Redefining Divorce.


There are a lot of myths out there that you might hear being tossed around – let us dispel a few of these for you.

Myth No 1

“You must have a lawyer to assist you with your separation, custody and/or property settlements”

No, this is completely wrong, you DO NOT need a lawyer to either assist nor finalise your separation or divorce, including custody and/or property matters if applicable. Redefining Divorce can provide you with an iron clad legal binding agreement agreed by both parties to cover each and every aspect of the separation or divorce.

Myth No 2

“Getting divorced will cost me a lot of money and never-ending grief”

No it won’t. By simply avoiding lawyers and the Family Law Court you will avoid both the financial burden and mental anguish that is associated with this ‘couple’. Once an agreement has been signed by both parties and legally validated, this cannot be overturned without the consent of either party.

Myth No 3

“I’ll never get to see my kids”

If children are involved in the divorce or separation and custody issues must be resolved, we will endeavour to help you work through to a solution with your ex-partner that is reasonable for both parties, but in particular we strive to achieve an outcome that is in the best interests of the children. Unless there are past domestic violence issues or the like, it is generally assumed that it is both parents right to equally share in the upbringing and welfare of their children.

Myth No 4

“I will get more money out of the settlement if I really stick it to my ex with a hot shot lawyer”

Your ‘hot shot’ lawyer will welcome you with open arms because your malicious intent will simply allow him / her to drag out the case, and your bank account, until there is nothing financially tangible left to fight over. This approach is not only fraught with expense but more importantly does not guarantee a better financial result for either party. If we sense this attitude in our first obligation free consultation with either party, we will usually politely decline our services as our business model is not structured to accommodate this type of approach.




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