Our Process

What is the process we follow to achieve a good outcome?

  • Following mutual agreement by the parties to engage Redefining Divorce, a detailed Q&A form is emailed to both parties. This form is required to be completed and returned to Redefining Divorce within 5 business days.
  • Upon receipt of this form a company representative will interview each party separately for approximately 1-1.5 hours to discuss their completed form in detail. Within 48 hours from the last party interviewed each party will be provided with a summary of all of the points in agreement and also those points which may be in contention.
  • A secondary appointment will be made with each party separately to discuss all of the points in contention and seek compromise on each point to allow resolution of the particular point.
  • A secondary report will be provided to both parties within 48 hours from this secondary interview.
  • Subject to agreement on better than 75% of matters between the parties a joint meeting is scheduled to resolve face to face the outstanding issues.
  • A draft agreement is prepared and at this point each party is at liberty to seek independent advice, be it legal or otherwise, if required. Generally a 5 working day limit is placed upon the time each party is allowed to consider the draft agreement.
  • Assuming there are no further amendments to the draft agreement, Redefining Divorce has the document legally ratified and each party is provided with a copy.


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